We have long been a fan of the wellknown exhaust maker Quicksilver Exhausts out of the UK. When we have a client looking for a no frills, no gimmicks, mean sounding exhaust, Quicksilver is always our brand of choice.

Seeing as the exhausts are manufactured in Great Britain, it seemed natural for us to install one of their systems on our customers Aston Martin DB9.

Quicksilver offers two systems for the DB9, a milder, gentler Sports system and a no holds barred SuperSport system that absolutely screams. We of course chose the SuperSport system for our customer and after installing it couldn’t be happier.

The Aston Martin DB9, despite having a massive 6.0L V12, is a rather tame sounding car from the factory. However we knew that beautifully sounding V12 has a lot more to offer and the best way to bring out its potential was through an upgraded Quicksilver exhaust.