At ReinART.Design, our main expertise is in the aspect of cosmetic styling and performance tuning. In addition to providing all the basic services and repair, our shop consultants are ready to show you the latest and greatest trends in the automotive industry. To us, every detail matters. Our tuning consultants can show you the best looking aerodynamic products available for your car, the optimal suspension set up for your ride needs, the perfect set of wheels with the perfectly calculated specifications and much more.

We try to ensure that every car that passes through our shop instills an impression amongst others that it has been tastefully modded. ReinART.Design Hong Kong is able to source almost all product brands in the aftermarket automotive industry, but we have a number of exclusive brands that we feel best represent our style.

For a full list of brands that we offer, please check out our brands page.

If you have any enquiries, feel free to email or call our shop at (852) 2126 7296