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We are proud to announce that we have collaborated with world renowned tuner Simon Motorsport in bringing in-house tuning at ReinART.Design. We are able to custom tune ECU’s for almost all vehicle makes and models to increase horsepower, improve drive-ability and maximize fuel economy.

Vehicle ECU data is read off the customers car at our shop using our specialized tools. The data is then sent to the master tuner at Simon Motorsport where he modifies various parameters of the file controlling the engine controls. The newly modified file is sent to us to be written back on to the vehicle ECU.

Most vehicles can be tuned within the same day. The customer drops off the vehicle in the morning and can pick it up later in the afternoon. For more information on our new Simon Motorsport x ReinART.Design tuning, please visit our dedicated Tuning page.

If you want to enquire on pricing and specific vehicle tuning information, please contact us by email info@reinartdesign.com or by phone (852) 2126 7296.