One of the first cars to come into our shop at ReinART.Design was a Nero Nemesis (matte black) Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670 Super Veloce. This car is a head turner on its own, finished in all black looking like it came straight out of the bat cave.

However, not wanting to be mistaken for Batman, we wanted to help the owner of this raging bull do a little something extra to set it apart.

First we had custom ordered a set of 19″ Front, 20″ Rear PUR RS05 wheels  in Brushed Monaco Gold with Matte Clear finish. We knew this is color combination would be a sure bet as black always goes well with gold.

After we had the car sitting on a more stylish pair of shoes, we wanted to unleash the symphony of the  V12 engine with a free flowing Tubi Style exhaust. The Italian company has had a long standing reputation for producing some of the most beautifully sounding exhausts.

Now riding on a new set of PUR RS05 wheels and screaming Tubi exhaust, the Lamborghini LP-670 SV is subtly different. Nothing too over the top and extreme. Classy, sophisticated style.

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