One often overlooked point when people shop for wheels is the fitment aspect of the wheel. Yes, you may be able to buy an off the shelf wheel that can be installed on your car, but that wheel may not necessarily have the correct offsets for your car.

What we mean by offset is how “sunk-in” or “pushed-out” the wheel is relative to the body of the car. With over-the-counter, pre-made wheels, they tend to be on the safer side with higher offsets so it’s more likely to “fit” more vehicle applications.

The downside to this is the car won’t look as good with wheels sunk inside the fenders.

One thing we have learned in our years of modifying cars is the #1 defining factor to having a good looking set of wheels is by choosing the correct offsets. The style and size of the wheel all play secondary to this.

This is why at ReinART.Design we are all about choosing a set of custom tailored wheels for your specific vehicle. By making your wheels from scratch, we are able to choose the perfect fitting rims for your vehicle with your cars specific modifications in mind.

Our custom wheel brands include PUR Wheels, Brixton Forged Wheels and ADV.1 Wheels.

For enquiries on designing your own set of custom wheels, please email