ReinART.Design, automotive tuning specialist. Our first project however did not involve four wheels. Before we could begin working on cars, we had to transform the old shop space in to the envisioned garage that we ourselves would have confidence bringing our cars to.

We have always believed that a garage should not be a place only for fixing cars, but a place where enthusiasts alike can gather and chat about their passion for everything automotive. So upstairs, we have a first class lounge with TV, iMac, a fully stocked pantry and the latest automotive magazines and publications.

We also didn’t want our shop to be what most people imagine a typical garage to be; dirty, smelly, dimly lit and generally a place someone would not step foot into. We designed our shop so that it would be brightly lit, clean and modern. Everything is out in the open for all to see.

After months of planning, the shop we dreamed of is finally coming together.